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Welcome to my Portfolio

I'm a UX Designer with a background in Interior Design & entrepreneurship. My customer-first philosophy has created a great foundation to excel in User Experience Design.

PayPer Logo 5 (2).png

UX/UI Designer

This app specializes in money management. The user is able to transfer money to and from peers, shop online, budget their expenses, and invest in stocks and cryptocurrency. This app aims to make finances fun.

YA Logo.png

UX Researcher

YA is a company devoted to putting a smile on their customer's faces. They rent large yard signs for holidays and occasions, big and small.

UI Designer

Fitnesse was created for the user wanting to get or stay in shape with a limited time to do so. I created a fun and interactive app to keep the user engaged during their fitness journey.

UX Researcher

Vocab Bubble was created for the individual who is interested in expanding their vocabulary. This app features a word of the day and multiple choice or flashcard options to keep up with all the new words learned by the user.

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Enjoy my case studies below!

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Settings - Device Mockup.png
Home - Device Mockup.png
Splash - Device Mockup.png
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