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Sherri Rilling


Here's who I am & what I do. So, let's do this...


I have always made the customer my priority, catering to and assisted them in whatever they need, and User Experience Design is no different. It's imperative you really listen to the client and understand them, and through that you can then create a service or product that perfectly mimics their wants and needs. My ability to stay focused while also being able to multi-task is yet another skill I possess from the years I spent in hospitality. Additionally, I'm a naturally driven person that thrives with deadlines which, I feel, is a necessary attribute to have when working in technology.


Coming from Seattle where tech is a booming business, I knew that was the industry I wanted to be a part of; however, I was also interested in doing something that let my creativity shine, so I graduated with a BS in Information Technology and a BA in Interior Design. Though diverse in their own ways, the parallels between IT/Interior Design and UX are clear...the client and user always come first.

Aside from what I have to offer and what drives me in my professional life as stated above, I'm also a huge football fan, obviously Seahawks first, but as a Fantasy Football enthusiast, I enjoy watching all Thursday, Sunday, and Monday games.

Want to connect? Let's do this!

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